Birthday Club Package

Birthday club package


Special Birthday Club Package offer.. Enter SWEET50 in the promo code box and receive 50% off.

No we don't actually sell monkeys, train monkeys or even own monkeys.Our birthday club package is our favorite option because it includes everything that 15 Monkeys does best.  Included in the package:

  1. 5"x7"invitations, 
  2. 4.5" x 5.5"thank you cards
  3. 2 " cupcake toppers/labels
  4. 4"snack bag tags
  5. Water bottle labels
  6. Banner

CREATE YOUR OWN THEME FOR NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE OR CHOOSE FROM ONE OF OUR EXISTING THEMES. Everything is customized with your child's party details and sent in a digital file within 3 days of placing the order. This option enables you to print an unlimited amount of each item which allows you a ton of flexibility. The best part of the package is the bonus item… for a girl, they can choose either a necklace or a t-shirt that matches the theme of her party . For a boy, they receive a t-shirt to wear the day of their party matching their theme. If you don't see a design that you are interested in, we have no problem customizing a theme for you. Just message us! That's the best part of our company, we will work with you to make your life easier when planning this important day.  The package is only good for one birthday, one design per 12 month time period. More than one child may be placed on invitation, but only one design will be created. If you have mulitiple children with different dates and designs individual packages will have to be purchased for each one.Future birthdays would require an additional package.*note necklaces may vary in beads and colors.

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